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Bausch + Lomb Peroxi Clear Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution - 12.0 FL OZ

Personal Care & Health
Eye & Ear Care

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Do Not Use If Tamper Evident Seal Is Broken Or Missing. If You Are Allergic To Any Ingredient In This Product, Do Not Use. 1. Do Not Use Flat Lens Case. Always Use The Enclosed Special Lens Case And Neutralizing Disc With Peroxiclear. 2. Never Insert Peroxiclear Solution Directly Into The Eye. Do Not Place Your Lens Into The Eye Until Complete Neutralization Of The Solution Has Occurred (minimum 4 Hours). 3. Do Not Rinse Lenses With Peroxiclear Solution Prior To Inserting Lenses Into Your Eyes. If You Want To Rinse Lenses, Use A Sterile Saline Solution. Do Not Reuse Or "top Off" Old Solution Left In Your Lens Case. "topping Off" Is The Addition Of Fresh Solution To The Used Solution That Has Been Sitting In Your Lens Case. Always Discard Any Remaining Solution From Lens Case After Each Use. Do Not Use Water To Care For Your Lenses. Peroxiclear Is Not A Multi-purpose Solution. Failure To Follow These Warnings May Lead To Contamination Resulting In Serious Eye Infections Or Injury And Potential Loss Of Vision. See Package Insert For Complete Directions For Use And Important Safety Information. Precautions: Always Discard Solution From Lens Case After Each Use. Keep The Bottle Tightly Closed When Not In Use. Store At Room Temperature. Do Not Freeze. Use Before Expiration Date Printed On The Carton And Bottle. Discard Bottle And Lens Case 90 Days After Opening Or After 35 Uses, Whichever Occurs First. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Red Tip Means Do Not Put Peroxide Solution Directly In The Eye.

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